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I have completed a number of 1000+ miles of bicycling tours of the USA. There seems to be a
lack of such travelogues, especially those with
maps. As well, the ones that are availlable are
seemly for the upper middle class. I wish to post
trips more like the so called undeveloped countries would have. Trips affordable to the many
less fortunate of the USA, or visitors wishing to
really "see" the USA as most of its peoples do.

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USA bike touring

Dear Craig, that's exactly what we are looking for! After a 1000 miles tour you must have an enormous lot of things to say to our friends.
So, seat down for a little, before you start again, and write, we are waiting!
If you have details to ask about how to do to submit your travelogue to us, write to me:
Bye bye.

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Chicago-Denver Bike Trip - [gentile]

Have you ever gone from Chicago-area to Denver-area. I'm searching for a great route, and a companion would be gravy. I plan on leaving August 1st. If you have any tips, routes, or want to join me, let me know. Thanks, Cliff.

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