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My wife and I have bicycle toured in three regions of France. In the year 2000 we are crossing France by canal towpaths. We stay at small hotels. I'm an artist and I usually keep a visual record of our trip, painting along the way. I usually prepare written directions as well as maps. In the year 2001 we are planning a six week bicycle tour from Stockholm to Denmark to Germany to Holland to Belgium to wherever we reach in France. We would apreciate any information to help facilitate this journey, particularly a good route from Denmark through Germany to Holland.

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around here ? - [anita/jean louis]

Why don't you stop over at our place ? We are close to the Canal du Midi, 14 km. from Carcassonne, and you will be able to find here
cheap accommodation, beautiful surroundings and, I do hope, decent people: us.

Anita and Jean Louis

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France crossing - [Stefano Jannello]

Qualcosa mi dice che posso scrivervi in italiano..
Uno delle idee per la prossima estate 2000 (agosto) che ho avuto

Lo sapevi?